petak, 3. veljače 2017.

How Can You Make a College Move Easier?

If you have a child heading to college, or you’re moving to campus for the first time, it’s normal to get excited. However, it’s also normal to feel a little overwhelmed. The move itself may be one of the last things on your mind when you consider everything else that needs to get done. But, we know that moving to college is an important transition, and it’s like no other time in your life. Let’s focus on how to make that transition easier for everyone involved, and how using a professional long distance movers can save you time, money, and stress.

Plan and Organize

There’s a good chance your dorm or apartment will be a smaller space than you might be used to. That means downsizing your belongings. If you plan on coming back home, there’s no need to get rid of a bunch of your things, but this is also a good time to take stock in what you have, and decide if you actually can downsize, overall. Decide what you’re going to take with you, what you can keep at home, and what you might be able to get rid of or donate. The less items you have to deal with, the easier it will be to get things moved into your dorm.

Additionally, plan out what you’re going to take with you based on where you’re going. If you or your child is heading to college in a warm climate, pack accordingly. If the seasons change dramatically from hot to cold, it’s important to keep that in mind, too, and prepare yourself ahead of time. Long distance movers can help when it comes to making sure all belongings make it to their destination.

Making a Dorm a Home

While out of state movers might be needed to initially get your belongings where they need to go, don’t be afraid to really throw yourself into the idea that your new living space is your new home. The city that surrounds it should also be something you quickly become comfortable with. If you didn’t bring everything with you from home that you wanted to, take a shopping trip and get some more things in your ‘new’ town. Because you’re purchasing things new, that aren’t from your home, it can help to make your new living space feel more like your own, and not just an extension of your parents’ house.

However, bringing a touch of ‘home’ with you is also a great way to avoid getting homesick. Academic supplies, clothes, and furniture should of course be at the top of your packing list. But, bringing a small sentimental item from home can really help to make the moving transition easier as you start a new chapter of your life. You’ll have plenty to think about and experience during the first few weeks of school, so making your moving experience easy and stress free can allow you to focus on the things that matter.